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The New York Chinese Golf Association (NYCGA) shall be governed by the existing by laws and shall conform to existing rules by USGA unless amended by the Board of Directors of the NYCGA. Additional in-house governing rules and regulations are written to be followed by all members.

Section 1 Membership entry to NYCGA Golfers shall be sponsored by an active good standing member. The Board of Directors and Elected Officers shall act upon each proposal by vote. Two negative votes shall disqualify any candidate (By laws - Section 8).

Section 2 Annual membership fee as voted by the officers shall be a non-refundable $100.00. Membership may be terminated at any time based on the by-laws (Membership - Section 10).

Section 3 Membership number for NYCGA is limited to eighty (80) members at any given time as voted unanimously on the board meeting held December 18, 2005. If the members have reached the total limit of 80, any sponsored new member applicant can only replace members who are inactive, who did not renew their annual membership fee or for any reason terminated or decided to terminate membership with NYCGA.

Section 4 A Good Standing Member:
1. Abides by the rules and regulations of the association.
2. Pays their outing fees on time.
3. Comes to golf outings on time.
4. Plays the club outings at least 50% and above per annual outing schedule.
5. Follows the golf dress code.
6. Is honest in their score card.
7. Participates in the association's programs and affairs.

Section 1 The Board and the appointed Tournament Committee Chairman (TCC) creates the annual calendar of golf outings and appoints Tournament Coordinators.

Section 2 The TCC initially works with the prospective golf course management.

Section 3 The TCC and the Board decide/vote on the golf outing venue & green fee. And the Tournament Coordinators will recruit (member) volunteers to assist in the outing

Section 4 The TCC shall be responsible in coordinating with the Tournament Coordinators in matters regarding outing venue, date, fees, deposit, member information, collection, score sheet, scoring system, measuring devices, rules & etiquette, flight schedule, outing paraphernalia's and other matters connected to the golf outing.

Section 5 Duties of Tournament Coordinators and volunteers are as follows: Receive confirmation of attendees; prepare flight schedule; collect outing fees; distribute leaflets and/or golf handicap, announcements; prepare and distribute foods, if it is a part of their plan; coordinate with the golf course, submit collection after payment with proper accounting procedure and others that maybe assigned.

Section 6 The Tournament Coordinator may choose a different format of play on their outing upon approval of the Board provided that everybody should putt through under any circumstances for handicap purposes and other yearly awards.

Section 7 Schedule of flights for members on all outings shall be distributed evenly in all flights. Class A members must lead their flight group in following USGA and NYCGA rules and regulations.

Section 8 Members shall occupy the early flights and Guests' flights shall be after members' flights except if a member makes a valid request.

Section 9 Awards are for members only, unless voted by Officers.

Section 10 Members and guests are required to pay their outing fee 14 DAYS in advance prior to scheduled outing date.

III-A Outing Attendance - IF
Section 1 A member did not pay on the stipulated due date and did not cancel on time, that member will automatically pay the outing fee, because the association will pay the course with or without the member's presence. Golf Courses standard payment policy is to pay in full for the reserved slot 14 days prior to the outing date. To avoid payment without playing, a member who cannot attend must send and confirm a guest in replacement for his/her slot. The member must confirm the request with the Tournament Coordinator (TC) at least 14 days before the stipulated outing date. Referred guest who did not show up shall be the full responsibility of the member referrer.

Section 2 A member was not able to send payment on time and called the TC to confirm his/her presence and payment, but did not show up, the member will have to pay for the outing fee.

Section 3 A member confirmed a guest and was not able to send payment but attended the outing, the guest will only occupy empty slot and will not be able to play if all slots are filled. The guest will have to wait for an empty slot. Or if the course permits the guest can automatically play.

Section 4 Any of the confirmed members or guests FAILS to show up on the scheduled tournament/outing, he/she will be charged accordingly the same amount as the outing fee.

III-B Outing Fees
Section 1 Additional fee of $15.00 to $25.00 for members and guests shall be added to any fees charged by the course to cover association expenses.

Section 2 Outing Fee shall be paid to the Outing Coordinator on the day of the outing or any day prior to outing date for member and guest.

Section 3 All members must reconfirm their intention to join the outing either by calling or e-mailing the outing coordinators 7 days in advance priori to the outing as the Golf Course dictate.

Section 4 Outing fees do not include meals or snacks unless otherwise included in the package as required by the course or voted unanimously by the Officers.

III-C Protest
Section 1 Protests must be filed formally in writing upon submission of the scorecard to the Handicap Chairman. Secure forms from the Handicap Chairman.

Section 2 Scorecard must be unsigned for protest validity.

Section 3 The receiving officer may determine if the protest shall be entertained based on protest validity.

Section 4 Rules and Regulations Chairman and Committee Members will receive, convene, and make a decision about the protest if valid and justified.

Section 5 The protester and protested member should be present and ready for possible required statement.

Section 6 Unanimous decision of Rules and Regulations Committee or majority of the Board present shall be final.

Protests files AFTER the announcement of winners will NOT be honored. Members should persuade other members to correct the mistake of others. Seasoned members are obliged to guide and orient new members. Should a dispute (misunderstanding) arise, the two (2) ball rule should apply. Refusal to take the two (2) ball rule understandably makes the member taking the risk.

All members should familiarize themselves with the rules and etiquette of golf.

Section 1 - RULES
1. Must have a golf bag and no more than 14 clubs.
2. Follow Local and USGA Rules of Golf.
3. Dress Code to be observed at all times.
4. Play the ball as is where it is unless winter rules is applied or any decision by the board of directors.
5. Members should prod other members to conform to the golf course pace of play
6. All golf tournaments shall be governed by the USGA and in house rules. The Rules and Regulation Committee and/or Board will settle any disputes or controversies.

Section 2 - EXCEPTIONS
1. In or around water hazard including RED boundary marker or other hazards. Move ball within 2 club length away from the hole. Add 1 penalty stroke. No penalty stroke if played in the hazard.
2. Out of bounds ball (indicated by white stakes) follows USGA rules. Hit a provisionary ball. If first ball is not found, provisionary ball is the ball at play; add two strokes penalty. If provisionary ball is also not found, player may drop ball two club lengths from the entry point of provisionary ball; player will be hitting 6.
3. Lost ball not marked by red stakes (such as water hazards) follow rule on Out of Bounds ball. (Exception #2)
4. Unplayable ball due to immovable obstruction, such as sprinkler or electric post, replace ball one club length on or about where the ball lies not nearer the hole. No penalty stroke.
5. Unplayable ball inside a forested area, tall grass or under a tree, move ball to two club lengths on or about the exit point of the ball not nearer the hole. Add 1 penalty stroke.
6. Unplayable lie. Drop ball 1 club length from spots no nearer the hole. Add one (1) penalty stroke. In case of flood ball (ball embedded in mud or casual water), do the same but no penalty.
7. Stroke relief applies to casual water, ground under repair, cart path, immovable obstruction, sprinkler holes, drain holes and burrows, move ball no nearer the green. No penalty stroke.
8. Under scoring by any player will cause lost of match. Over scoring, will stand.

Section 3 - ETIQUETTE
1. Play within your ability and drive the ball within your range. (Watch out for players up front)
2. Observe silence when fellow players address the ball.
3. Back tees and ball farthest to the hole has priority when hitting the ball.
4. Follow pair numbering for the first tee and observe honor to all succeeding tees. However, ready golf is encouraged when everybody in the foursome agrees.
5. Always repair ball marks in green.
6. Do not drag, twist, and pivot your feet while in the green. Do not step on other player's ball line.
7. Remove pin only when all players are on the green.
8. The closest ball to the hole man the pin.
9. Putt through at all times.
10. Last ball to play reinserts the pin to the hole.
11. Exit the green as quickly as possible.
12. Observe USGA scoring rules (Player - marker rule). Peer to peer review mandatory.
13. Update your score card before next tee. Total scores correctly. Sign, and co-sign score card.

VI - A Regular Tournament Awards
1. LOW NET SCORE or Whatever the format dictates.
2. 2 - NEAREST TO THE PIN = 1 - Members only and 1 - members and guests
3. 2 - LONGEST DRIVE = 1 - Members only and 1 - members and guests
4. 1 - Female Champion - for the first 6 female players, additional for another 6 players.
5. Guest Champion Trophies will be for the first 6 attendees and additional trophies for 1st and 2nd runner up maybe added if more than 10 guest attended.
6. In case of a tie on score on any awards, the one with the lower handicap will receive the trophy, but leader points will be awarded for both.

Total expense for all the awards per tournament must not exceed $200 for ten flights and $180 for 7 to 9 flights. This budget rule is made on the assumption that there are no sponsors. The board shall decide the budget for the final outing annually.

VI - B Yearly Awards & Policy

Section 1 - Yearly Awards
1. Player of the Year
Member who has accumulated the highest points on the leader board.
2. Champion of Champions
Ist place winner among the champions.
3. Most Improved Player
Criteria on the date determined by the Board on a yearly basis.
4. Best female Player
Female member who has the most awards achievement and handicap improvement for the season.
5. Winner Chipping Contest - Rules shall be decided before the event.
6. Winner Putting Contest - Rules shall be decided before the event.
7. Appreciation Awards
Officers' & Non officer who have contributed time and effort, physically and mentally to help the organization in it's regular operations.
8. And others that maybe decided by the board annually

Section 2 - Policy on Player of the Year and Champion of Champions Award.
1. No one person can win both the Player of the Year Award and Champion of Champions awards. The winning member may choose the award he wants and shall be awarded as runner -up on the other award.
2. The Player of the Year point system shall be in effect until the last tournament however,
3. On the last outing, the number of players who can join the top ten player of the year competition shall be based on their standing. Their point standing must have a chance to barge into the top ten. The Handicap Chairman will make decision.
4. The Champion of Champions (Battle of the Champ) will also be held on the last outing.
5. Additional qualification for Champion of Champions must have played 50% of the outings.

VI-C. Other Awards/Special Awards
HOLE IN ONE. Must be attested by flight member. This award will be given at the end of the Fiscal Year and Induction of New Officers or Awards Night.

All members' playing skills are determined by a handicap.

VII-A. New Members
1. Only 80% (Handicap outcome less 20%.) of the computed handicap based on the submitted score cards will be considered as the handicap of the new member until their third game. 100% handicap rating shall be considered only after their third game with NYCGA.
2. New Members who fail to submit the minimum practice score card requirement seven (7) days prior to outing date will adopt the System 36 handicap format.

VII-B. Members
1. Are required to at least submit a practice score card every month.

VIII. Guests
1. All guests are required to abide by the rules of the organization and USGA.
2. No special rates are given to guests unless otherwise decided by the Board.
3. Scoring format for guests will be the "Blind Callaway System".

As embodied by the by-laws, a total of NINE (9 ) Board of Directors shall be elected annually during the final outing. Below are the officers' positions that will be voted and appointed by the new Board of Directors among themselves on the first meeting.

Elected Position
Vice President

Appointed Positions
Tournament Chairman
Press Relation Officer
Membership/Handicap Chairman
Rules and Regulations Chairman
Events Chairman

Amended December 15, 2005
The contexts are of the approved resolution of the Board of Directors from the beginning to December 2006.


2007 New York Chinese Golf Association